Call for Submissions

Important information: please read before submitting

IHEA is accepting abstracts for individual presentations and proposals for organized sessions.

Abstracts must be submitted in English.

There is no abstract submission fee and you do not have to be an IHEA member to submit an abstract.

Abstracts must be submitted by the person who intends on presenting the paper in the case of individual abstracts, and by the organizer in the case of an organized session.

We encourage the submission of abstracts on unpublished research. However, research should be sufficiently advanced so that the results will be available for presentation in July 2023.

You may submit a maximum of two abstracts where you would be the presenter; this could be:

  • two individual abstracts,
  • one individual abstract and one as part of an organized session, or
  • presentations as part of two organized sessions

The limit of two abstracts applies only to your role as a presenter and not to your role as a discussant or a session moderator. This means that you may be included as a discussant and/or a session moderator in other sessions in addition to making up to two presentations. You may also be a co-author on other submitted abstracts.

You will be asked to choose one primary field and up to three health economics sub-fields. Please look at the table and decide on your preferred field and sub-fields before starting to submit your abstract.

We believe that you will find the submission process easy, but if you need help submitting an abstract or session proposal online, please Contact technical support.

The deadline for all submissions is: Tuesday, December 6, 2022 23:59 EST

Guidelines for submitting an individual abstract:

Guidelines for submitting an organized session proposal:

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